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"Since I first began playing the euphonium lo these many years ago, I’ve kept refining my search for the “perfect piece”.  I now know, of course, that this concept is in itself faulty, and that there really is no such thing.  What DOES exist, though, is the Warburton Mouthpiece System, which allows the performer to tailor certain factors to individual needs.  Musical performance is extremely personal.

And speaking of personal, I’ve chosen the “one-piece” line, which I believe covers just about anything any reasonable player (and even a few unreasonable ones) could want in a mouthpiece.  After much research, I’ve settled on the Warburton 4GDL as my unit of choice.  It gives me the stability (at my “seasoned” level, this is important), range, and sound quality I require.  This last feature was discovered after intensive cooperative research with my Great Pyrenees mix Sandy, who responded vocally (it must have lots of overtones).

To sum up, my 4GDL has the features I need for me to do the job I have.  What more is there?  An emotional attachment, perhaps?"

Carl Vail

Carl Vail
Carl is currently teaching and performing in the San Antonio, Texas area, primarily with the Heart of Texas Concert Band and the Comal County Concert Band.  His history includes a 20-year career as Euphonium Soloist with the U.S. Naval Academy Band, another 20-year career as Region Manager and Artist/Clinician with Besson Brasses, and then several more years as Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass at the University of Southern Colorado.

During this time he has performed on both euphonium and trombone with many symphony orchestras, concert bands and brass bands, and also with many prominent luminaries in the popular field.