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I believe most players donĀ“t realize the potential hidden in the Warburton two-piece mouthpiece system. You make your own custom mouthpiece within a few minutes and that at a much lower price. Once you have decided on a cup that feels really good to you (and that cup you will find in the line-up), you go ahead and match it up with the right back bore. This is the part that really got interesting for me! Due to the vast amount of choices, you will find that one particular back bore that just opens your sound, really slots in all registers and thus makes you play your trumpet in a much more relaxed way. Try it and you will end up being very happy with your Warburton mouthpiece.

The one piece flugel mouthpieces are also worth mentioning. My 7 FLX helps me get the darkest flugel sound I ever had without loosing focus and centre in the sound. I love it!

Besides that I use my P.E.T.E. and A.T.V. on an almost daily basis. Those accessories are no "gimmicks" - they help any serious players to stay in shape and focus on training and improving your playing.

I am a professional trumpet player that plays every day and I can honestly say, that the Warburton products make my job more successful as well as more fun. Try them!

Christian Grabandt

Christian Grabandt