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Bobby Geddio

I’ve been using the Warburton mouthpiece system for more years than I can remember. For my commercial work ( shows etc. ) I use a 4sv top and a KT backbore…a dynamite combination for lead work! On “C” trumpet I like to soften the edge down with a 4MD and a Q backbore. Of course I use a Warburton Flugel mouthpiece. Piccolo trumpet I use my lead mouthpiece on.
The range of timbre and clean slotting of the pieces are fantastic! I have tried a bunch of so called high note mouthpieces in the past….NONE compare to the sound and response that I’m able to get on Warburton pieces. With all the combination tops and backbores that you can mix and match….this is THE PERFECT MOUTHPIECE FOR YOUNG AND OLD PLAYERS!!!

Terry and Ken have been of great help over the years to give me the EXACT SOUND I’m looking for. There knowledge is far superior to other manufactures.
Thanks Terry and Ken, for making my job easier.

Bobby Geddio