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Gianni Marinucci

"I am a freelance jazz player in Australia. I have never been one to change mouthpieces. I have tried lots of mouthpieces,but never been moved to change brands. Having said that ,I was never very happy with my mouthpiece. I could not find 2 of the same size that actually played the same, and matching my flugel rim seemed impossible.

Living in Australia means that there is only a limited number of brands to try. I had heard of Warburton for many years of course, but nobody stocked them in Australia. When I heard that Dave Temby at The Music Place in Melbourne was going to stock them, I tried them just for fun. Well first of all I could not beleive the logic of the sizing system. I also noticed that if there were 3 4MC's they all looked and played the same! Being a 3Cish player, I thought I would try the new "Arturo" top. Well, what can I say, it was like that mouthpiece was meant for me. It is the first time I tried a mouthpiece and was immediately in love. I have been playing it for a few months now and it has changed my whole feeling of playing.

Terry then sent me the Flugel mouthpiece, which is astonishing, based on a french horn type of cup , it produces a very unique flugel tone. And then I also got the Arturo 'B' top, which is a deeper cup version of the Arturo top. The great thing about this piece is not so deep that you really struggle to play it. Perfect for ballads, or small group playing. All the rims feel exactly the same, which has made my life so much easier.

Thank you Terry and all the people at Warburton, I am honoured to be involved with such an incredible company"

Gianni Marinucci