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"I switched to Warburton mouthpieces when I first moved to Orlando in late 1998. after about two years, I drifted off and went on a real mouthpiece safari, spending thousands of dollars, never quite finding what I was looking for.
I found it recently. It was a Warburton mouthpiece.

There is something special about the response, the immediacy, the directness of a Warburton piece that I never could find on any other mouthpiece, from any other manufacturer. Terry and Kenny have found a recipe that works. Of course, another big plus is that you get friendly, fast service when you deal with Warburton, often getting your work done within the hour.

Several years ago, when fire destroyed the old Warburton shop, I was one of many people who helped any way we could to get them back making mouthpieces, and I am really glad they did. I might not have rediscovered the joy of playing a Warburton again..."

Benoit Glazer started his professional musical career in 1981. A versatile musician, he taught at McGill University’s jazz department for ten years starting in 1986, and he appears on hundreds of CD’s, sound tracks, TV shows and galas as a trumpet player, composer, arranger, conductor, and occasionally as a drummer or percussionist.
More recently, Benoit has been the trumpeter, musical director, and occasional drummer (even playing bass on several occasions) at “La Nouba”, the Cirque du Soleil show in Orlando. Over eight million people have seen the show since its inception in 1998. He is also very active in the community, having founded the Timucua Arts Foundation, a non-profit that offers free concerts/art happenings in Orlando’s most unique venue, and the Orlando Brass Festival, which benefits local artistic causes.
Check out his recent projects at www.timucua.com
Benoit plays on:
#5 rim (.650" I.D.), with a 1.079" O.D.
- medium V cup (between the M and MD cups)
-bore: 28
He also plays a 5MD for classical work, and a 5D for cornet.