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" Terry, I can’t praise enough the Warburton mouthpieces I have used exclusively for the past year. For thirty years, starting in grad school, I played a Bach 3C. About six years ago, I switched to a Yamaha 14B4 to get a bit more flexibility, although I felt I lost a little articulation with it. Last year, after reading so many glowing reports on the Trumpet Herald forum about the Warburton system of separate backbores, I tried the 4M. After bottoming out a bit, I moved to the 4MC where I remain very happily today. This mouthpiece rim and cup immediately gave me the combination of articulation, slotting and flexibility I was looking for, as well as a half step improvement in range. The first time I played it, I went solidly right up to F over high C. This was completely unexpected and a side benefit, since I chose the mouthpiece for other reasons.
After experimenting with several backbores, I have found the #6 to be best for my C trumpet and the #7 best for my Bb. Your mouthpieces fit perfectly into my older Bach Strads. The manufacturing quality of each piece is always excellent, and your gold plating makes them even better.
My primary instrument is flugelhorn, so I bought a Warburton flugel mouthpiece to match. Your stock 4FL is fabulous. It has an excellent deep tone, great flexibility, correct pitch and tight articulation. It has it all, and it is a joy to play.
Due to a medical problem with an involuntary muscle closing off my throat, I have always suffered as a trumpet player, which led me to concentrate on flugelhorn and even double on flute and soprano sax. After realizing how much easier it was to play on your flugelhorn mouthpiece with its large throat opening of 16, I experimented over the last few months opening up the throat of my trumpet mouthpieces. With very helpful advice from Ken Titmus, I have discovered so much improvement with my mouthpiece throat now opened to 22 that many of my problems playing trumpet have disappeared. I’m playing trumpet more again, after so many years, not because I have to but because I want to. Not only does less resistance of the mouthpiece cause less pressure in my throat, but my range increased yet again. I sailed right up to G over high C, a note I had never hit before. My band, and my wife, all say I’ve never sounded so good. While I am not saying that my solution will work for others, it surely works for me, and I am very grateful to you and your staff.
Throughout my testing of different throat openings, I was amazed that you could turn around an order so quickly that I had my mouthpiece back in New York in only a week, and for no charge to do the drilling. Your operation is efficient, your staff knowledgeable and friendly, and your products superb. I’m a fan, and I’m proud to help spread the word about your mouthpieces. Thanks again!"

Matt Finley, jazz flugelhorn artist and composer

A professional musician for over forty-five years, Matt Finley plays flugelhorn, trumpet, flute and soprano sax. A native of Lake George, New York, Matt performed for many years with Grammy-winning baritone saxophonist Nick Brignola and was a featured trumpet soloist and arranger with the Albany Jazz Workshop big band. He studied composition with Edgar Curtis, Founding Director of the Albany Symphony Orchestra.

Matt leads "Rio JAZZ", the dynamic Brazilian jazz concert band he formed in 1988, featuring Peter Tomlinson, Mark Egan, Joel Rosenblatt, Jeff Ciampa, and Tomas Martin Lopez. With Peter Einhorn and Don Miller, Matt performs in smaller venues as Brazilian Jazz & Beyond". Matt is also musical director for his wife, singer/songwriter Denise Jordan Finley. They live in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley and in Lake George. Matt is a retired professor of computer information systems and was academic dean at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Matt’s CD, “Brazilian Wish,” has received worldwide recognition and sales. "Brazilian Wish" features nine of Matt's original Brazilian jazz compositions of sambas and bossa novas played by an all-star lineup produced by Jon Werking. Musicians include Romero Lubambo [Trio da Paz], Warren Bernhardt [Steely Dan & Steps Ahead], Mark Egan [Pat Metheny, Sting & Larry Coryell], Joel Rosenblatt [Spyro Gyra], Jon Werking [New York Voices], Tomas Martin Lopez [NYC Latin bands], Dave Finck [Paquito deRivera & Phillipe Saisse], Jeff Siegel [Sir Roland Hanna], Jeff Ciampa [Dave Matthews], and horn section Dan Levine, Barry Danelian and David Mann [Tower of Power]. All songs composed by Matt Finley ©2006 Kingsmill Music / BMI.
Matt Finley’s CD can be previewed on CD Baby. Also, Matt has three recent videos available on YouTube featuring his new Warburton mouthpieces.