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Terry Warburton

Seeing the names on this endorsement page lets me know that we have succeeded in one of our major goals. That goal was to design a line of mouthpieces which would appeal to all brass players. From the finest of symphonic players, superb commercial cats to respected educators; each has been able to find a Warburton mouthpiece that makes their already excellent playing even better and easier. We are particularly pleased to see that the symphonic community and the educators of America are at last finding viable alternatives to the one piece mouthpiece that has been predominant for years.

By letting these people tell it in their own words, we hope that you will be encouraged to try Warburton mouthpieces and see how much they can do for you.

If you play on Warburton mouthpieces and would like to see yourself here, just e-mail me a photo and a statement to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cornet - Cornetists Ritchie Clendenin and Frank Hilligas
Euphonium & Tuba - Gail Robertson
Euphonium - Brandon Jones - Euphonium Artist
Euphonium - Carl Vail
Euphonium - Demondrae Thurman - Euphonium soloist
Euphonium - Stephanie Landry
French Horn - Johan Warburton
French Horn - Julie Landsman
French Horn - Martin Hackleman
French Horn - Philip Biggs
Saxophone - Boney James
Saxophone - Charles McNeal
Saxophone - David Hagelganz
Saxophone - Doug Lawrence
Saxophone - Heath Jones
Saxophone - Mark Graif
Saxophone - Najee
Saxophone - Plas Johnson
Saxophone - Tim Stuart
Trombone - Alan Kaplan
Trombone - Alex Iles
Trombone - Andrea Rowlison
Trombone - Avenicio Nuñez
Trombone - Barry Mosley
Trombone - Bill Reichenbach
Trombone - Bill Tole - Trombonist and Leader of Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Trombone - Bob McChesney
Trombone - Cesar Fumero
Trombone - Charlie Morillas - Big Phat Band
Trombone - Craig Lewis - 1st Trombone with Canadian Staff Band
Trombone - Dave Steinmeyer
Trombone - Derrick Harris
Trombone - Domingo Pagliuca
Trombone - Ed Neumeister
Trombone - Edwin Blas
Trombone - Fayyaz Virji
Trombone - Hubertus Schmidt
Trombone - James Warburton - 1-1/4 JW Bass Trombone Mouthpiece
Trombone - Jason Jackson
Trombone - Keith Oshiro - Lead Trombone - Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman
Trombone - Les Benedict
Trombone - Matt Hoormann
Trombone - Paul Deemer
Trombone - Phil Teele - Bass Trombonist
Trombone - Randy Aldcroft
Trombone - Rick Stout - Cleveland Orchestra
Trombone - Robbie Hioki - Bass Trombonist
Trombone - Sam Burtis
Trombone - Scott Bliege - Lead Trombone for Phil Collins
Trombone - Scott Whitfield
Trumpet - Aaron Romm
Trumpet - Alan Naylor
Trumpet - Ally Hany
Trumpet - Armando Trujillo
Trumpet - Arturo Sandoval
Trumpet - Augie Haas
Trumpet - Benoit Glazer - Cirque du Soleil
Trumpet - Bob Birch
Trumpet - Bob Odneal
Trumpet - Bob Vandivort
Trumpet - Bobby Gallegos
Trumpet - Bobby Geddio
Trumpet - Brian Anderson - Ringling Bros. Circus
Trumpet - Carl Fischer
Trumpet - Chad Shoopman
Trumpet - Charlie Bertini - One of our favorites
Trumpet - Chase Sanborn
Trumpet - Chris Jaudes
Trumpet - Chris LaBarbera
Trumpet - Chris Pasin
Trumpet - Christian Grabandt
Trumpet - Dave Stahl
Trumpet - Dean Psarakis - A.P.E. Inventor
Trumpet - Dominique Bodart
Trumpet - Doug Michels
Trumpet - Dr. Langston J Fitzgerald III
Trumpet - Eric Miyashiro
Trumpet - Erick Sanchez
Trumpet - Ernesto Nunez
Trumpet - Frank Kaderabek - Former Principal Trumpet, Philadelphia Orchestra
Trumpet - Frank Vardaros (aka Frankie V)
Trumpet - Gerardo Rodriguez
Trumpet - Gianni Marinucci
Trumpet - Guymon Ensley
Trumpet - Hot Pants Horns
Trumpet - James Tyler Jaeger
Trumpet - JB Scott
Trumpet - Jeff Curnow
Trumpet - Jeff Kaye - Ray Charles Orchestra alumnus and jazz recording artist
Trumpet - Joenuel Lebron (Mark Anthony)
Trumpet - Johan Nordfeldt
Trumpet - John Pederson - Lead Trumpet - Fargo/Moorhead Jazz Arts Group
Trumpet - Johnny Hodges - Big Apple Circus
Trumpet - Jorge Alberto Giraldo Franco
Trumpet - Jose Chafer Mompo
Trumpet - Jose Sibaja
Trumpet - Juan Carlos "Wichy" Lopez
Trumpet - Kazuaki Kikumoto
Trumpet - Kiku Collins
Trumpet - Linda Brown - Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Trumpet - Luis Aquino
Trumpet - Luis Araya
Trumpet - Mac Gollehon
Trumpet - Mark Van Sickle
Trumpet - Mark Zauss
Trumpet - Matt Finley
Trumpet - Matt Stewart
Trumpet - Mike Vax
Trumpet - Mike Williams
Trumpet - Nicole Sasser
Trumpet - Nuno Santos
Trumpet - Paul Tinker - Percy Sledge Band
Trumpet - Pete Rodriguez
Trumpet - Phil Collins - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra since 1975 (Principal)
Trumpet - Philip Cobb
Trumpet - Rich Wetzel
Trumpet - Richy Segarra - El Gran Combo
Trumpet - Rob Quallich
Trumpet - Roger Ingram
Trumpet - Ronald Romm
Trumpet - Ross Brown
Trumpet - Ross Laing
Trumpet - Ryan Chapman
Trumpet - Ryan Resky
Trumpet - Shane Porter and Chip Crotts of the Tuscaloosa Horns
Trumpet - Simon Desbruslais
Trumpet - Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps
Trumpet - Steve Justice
Trumpet - Tim Morrison - Principal Trumpet, Boston Pops Orchestra
Trumpet - Tony Scodwell
Trumpet - Tyler Jaeger
Tuba - Al Carter - Carter Tuba Mouthpiece
Tuba - Charles Villarrubia
Tuba - Kelly Thomas
Tuba - Richard Murrow
Tuba - William Roper