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 The Warburton Horn Holder

Pre-order now through April 30: $145 small/$175 large
Retail: $195 small/$225 large

Available in two sizes:

Small: Flugelhorn through Piccolo Trumpet

Large: French Horn and Trombone

The repairman's solution:

The Warburton Horn Holder provides a more efficient tool for holding brass instruments during the building and repair process than the standard wooden mandrel. When working with solder and flame, or delicate repairs, there's no room for error. The Warburton Horn Holder's three bell clamps securely hold any horns with bells sized from Flugelhorn to Piccolo Trumpet. The faceplate can be statically positioned anywhere within a 90-degree vertical field of motion, and spun to be oriented at any point within 360 degrees horizontally. Simply clamp the Warburton Horn Holder into your standard workbench vice.