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Stratos has been created for both professional and student brass players, helping them reach new heights in their playing ability. It can help with many embouchure difficulties such as excessive mouthpiece pressure, lack of buzz, poor attack, thin or shrill tone and a variety of 'chops' problems. It also aids endurance and improves usable range.

Whatever you play (trombone, trumpet, cornet, french horn, tenor horn or euphonium) Stratos can help your playing as it has been designed to attach to any brass instrument.

Stratos helps you deliver; Power without pressure - Tone without tension - Range without effort. Your music soars with Stratos.

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Product Description

STRATOS is a precision-engineered embouchure development practice-aid suitable for all brass players from student to professional. It is designed to be adjustable and adaptable to all instruments.   Your new Stratos Embouchure System delivered in a presentation box will include the follow items:

  • Stratos Embouchure System main body
  • Stratos Embouchure System fully adjustable plunger assembly and chin cup
  • Set of 4 Stratos Easy-fit universal adaptors
  • DVD with video presentations on assembling, fitting and using your Stratos. It also includes short presentations on embouchure theory and how to adapt your embouchure to get the best from your newly-adjusted jaw position
  • Instruction leaflet that shows you how to easily fit and remove it from your instrument.